Speaking Recordings

Enable students to record their speaking levels directly on your website, and then receive the results instantly.

  • Help place students in the correct groups before they arrive at your school;
  • Ask students to record videos after their stay which can be used as testimonials;
  • Compare before/after recordings to show students how much they have improved.

To see how it works, view an example speaking test.

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Level Tests

All level tests are written by our team of professional examiners to give you and your students an accurate representation of their English level, in relation to CEFR guidance.

Entrance/Exit tests are the perfect way to show your students how far their English has progressed within your organisation. Students take a test upon arrival, and a separate test upon leaving your organisation (or after finishing a certain amount of studying). View an example level test.


All our tests, speaking recordings and notification emails are completely customisable to suit the needs of your business.

  • Add your logo and colour scheme to your forms, embed them onto your website;
  • Ask questions specific to your organisation;
  • Send students special offers or extra information alongside their test results.

For full customisation, try our Business Plan.

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Receive instant email notifications whenever a student takes a test (along with their results and contact details).

View all test results in a Google Sheets spreadsheet for ease of access.

Test takers can also receive their results by email instantly along with your contact details.

Mobile, Desktop and Tablet Ready

Students can access and complete your tests on a variety of devices with no change in performance.

Fully GDPR compliant from May 2018. We do not share information with anyone without your prior knowledge and consent.

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Whatever your needs, we have a plan to suit you. All plans offer unlimited level tests (yes, even the free plan), so you do not need to worry how many people are visiting your website. ‚ÄčView all our plans...

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